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Ivan Jaklenec - The pilot

• Born October 14.1974.

• Inspired by his father , a retired airline captain, Ivan started flying at age 13 out of Caldwell, New Jersey

• Also a division 1 basketball player from North Carolina and Queens college where he graduated in 1999.

• Over 6000 hours of flying time in 51 different types of aircraft. ATP and flight instructor.

• Airline pilot for Air Atlanta Icelandic on a 747-400 .

• Ivan is also a young entrepreneur that owns a small scuba dive resort with a bed and breakfast on the Croatian coast.

Ivan was inspired by his father at a young age and has been flying ever since. He especially enjoys teaching new pilots and introducing them to the art of flying. Along with being an airline pilot he is also a glider pilot and an aerobatic pilot. When asked what inspired him in aviation this is what he said,”my father inspired me the most and always left an impression in his view of aviation, late Toni Perner who taught me how to fly and land a Pitts Special, Michael Mancuso for teaching me spins and having me pilot his Extra 300, Al Mozer who taught me how to be a wise and patient flight instructor, Bill Thomas who signed and mailed me his book after my Pitts accident, Dave Windmiller for his advice, Ken Miller for teaching me everything about a Long Ez, meeting guys like Matt Chapman, Mike Gulian ,Sean Tucker, Jim Leroy and always receiving a warm welcome from all of them and always learning something new”. He puts on a flying show in his Long Ez and offers demo flights to his sponsors and their clients. Ivans Long Ez is also the main transport plane for Aero Standard, his main sponsor. Aero Standard is a JAR 145 maintenance company maintaining various aerobatic aircraft, general aviation, buissiness jets and commercial aircraft such as the Airbus 320 and needs to be moments notice on location with tools, parts, and a mechanic.

When getting to know this young man you discover his competitive spirit. He won championships on his high school and college basketball teams, raced sailboats out of Marblehead Mass, worked as a ski instructor, competes in endurance races on his horse Rio, a dive instructor, raced quad motorcycles professionally for two years, and if you come to him with an idea or a challenge he will not likely turn it down. He told us that one of the most exciting and fun things he did was last year with a friend when he got up early to go horse back riding, after they drove to the airport for a quick flight, then a short ride for three ski runs on a local mountain , and a drive to the coast for a dive to a cavern for a breath of stale air at 90’ under the sea. All of that and home in time for dinner. When he is not flying and giving rides in his airplane he is managing his resort which he says is relaxing and lots of fun.You can see it at www.zaton-vacations.com .

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