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Long EZ


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F l i g h t s

Flights in a Long EZ!

The Long Ez is a futuristic two seat, high performance airplane designed and built in the US. This modern aerobatic, long range, modern aeroplane is built of high tech composite materials and has a roll rate of 360 degrees per second! It is powered by a 170 horsepower Lycoming engine and is capable of speeds in excess of 230 miles per hour!

Maximum altitude for the Long Ez is 35,027 feet. It was set in a normally aspirated plans built Long Ez and the record still stands today.It was set by Jim Price in 1996. No it was not a jet engine and yes it is AMAZING.After all Burt Rutan designed it.

Your ride in the Long Ez will include maneuvers such as loops, rolls and high g turns. If you're up to it you can experience high altitude flight.

If you are looking for an even more special gift , consider one of these options:

• Want to make your gift even more exciting? Why not turn it into a lesson? We can put a stick in the rear seat and let your guest fly the airplane and actually perform a few aerobatic maneuvers themselves!

• This flight is certain to be remembered forever, why not take home a cockpit video of the experience to share with your friends and family? Everyone will want to see the look of joy, surprise, and wonder on our riders face!

• Finally, for those who like to take things to the limit, why not take the flight with Ivan Jaklenec himself? Ivan is an air show pilot as well as an airline pilot for Croatia airlines, he is also a demo pilot for Aerobatic Race and support pilot for Aero Standard of Aero GP races.

If you wish to experience Ivans personal one of a cind maneuver the “FAMOUS” elevator ride just ask and hold on!

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Flights in a Starduster Too

Soon comming, a thrill of a BARNSTORMER!

Experience a thrill of an open cockpit biplane just like in the old days.

+/-6 g’s with a 235 Horse power engine , MT 3 blade prop , leather helmet and a white scarf.

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